The uniforms of the soldier

The Museum preserves over 1400 uniforms, most of them from the 19th and 20th centuries.
Particularly significant are the Royal Army’s uniform collection – some of which can already be consulted online in the General Catalog of Cultural Heritage and soon published in the book L’esercito italiano nella Prima guerra mondiale, l’uniforme grigio-verde 1909-1919 – and the funds donated in the first post-war period by allied states such as France, United Kingdom, Belgium and Romania.

The collection of uniforms of the Second World War is relevant, particularly the pieces related to the campaigns involving the Italian soldiers and the national territory. The collection also includes colonial uniforms, 20th century camouflage uniforms donated by the Cirla family in 2002 and a rich selection of Swiss Army uniforms.

In the collections are also included other items of personal equipment, such as headgear (about 850), helmets (about 650), gas masks (more than 200) and buffets. Of great interest is the collection of relics of the American 10th Mountain Division from 1943-1945 and the Turinetti di Priero collection, donated to the Museum in 2013.

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