History through the collections

The Museum’s collections began to form at the end of the First World War, through the collection of war material donated by veterans, families of the fallen and private citizens. In subsequent years, further donations were received from national institutions and foreign governments. Even today there are still numerous donations from private citizens who wish to preserve the objects and documents in their possession. Find out how to donate a memory.

Over time, the Museum has extended its interests and collections to other conflicts, from the modern age to colonial wars, World War II and the Cold War. The exhibited and preserved materials include weapons, soldiers’ uniforms and equipment, military vehicles, technical equipment, everyday military objects, artistic artifacts, honours, posters and postcards, diaries and letters.

A part of the Museum’s collections is displayed along the visitor route, on loan or on deposit at other institutions; a substantial part is kept in storage. Access to the Museum’s storerooms for study and research purposes is only possible with prior permission.

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