History told in the Museum’s publications

The Museum’s literature reflects the rich and varied scope of its activities, through publications about the conflicts of the twentieth century – particularly the two world wars – examining the contexts in which they transpired and the impact they had on society, culture and the landscape, especially that of Trentino.

The volumes, also created in collaboration with other museums and cultural institutions, include research, essays, conference proceedings, catalogues of exhibitions and collections, and a wide range of diaries and memoirs.

The catalogue includes publications aimed at scholars, researchers, enthusiasts, collectors, children and teenagers. The Museum’s publications recount both the war experiences of soldiers, civilians, intellectuals and artists, as well as offering historical-scientific insights on material testimonies of the conflicts, be they written documents, photographs or objects on display or in the archive.

Some of the Museum’s publications are freely available online.

For information 0464 438100 – extension 207 or bookshop@museodellaguerra.it.