A shared heritage

The sharing of knowledge regarding historical heritage is one of the cornerstones of the Museum’s mission. For this reason, the Museum’s free services include basic consultation with our experts for research, university theses and publications, and access to non-exhibited collections upon agreement.
The Museum supports researchers with both traditional and innovative disciplinary approaches, even in the phase of communicating research results to the public.
To ensure the preservation and usability of the collections over time, specific rules have been established to govern access to stored materials, along with reproduction costs, linked to specific research activities.

Available services
  • Archival and bibliographic consultation
  • Consultation and reproduction of materials stored in the archives
  • Historical-scientific advice and basic identification of relics and artefacts, also for local public bodies and the armed forces
  • Consultation for schools in the field of history teaching.
Methods and costs

For information and requests for advice, please contact the managers of the individual offices. To find out details about our methods and any costs, consult the service charge list.



Archives and Library

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