The Museum and associations

The War Museum is officially registered as an ONLUS, a non-profit organisation of social benefit. As such, it carries out its activities for the exclusive purposes of social solidarity as described in its Charter.
Following the Third Sector Reform, it will become an ETS, or Third Sector Entity.

From a legal standpoint, it is a private association made up of around 300 members.
Membership is open to museums, associations, companies, institutional bodies and private citizens. Members pay an annual fee, which entitles them to participate in meetings where they have right to vote and access some free services and concessions.

The management of the institution is headed by a Council, elected through democratic principles, which remains in office for three years. Company management and the approval of financial statements take place with the utmost transparency.


General Affair Office

Giovanna Pedron
+39 0464 438100 int. 204

Consiglio del Museo per il triennio 2019-2022

Presidente Alberto Miorandi
Vice Presidente Oswald Mederle

Consiglieri Luigi Carretta, Volfango Chiocchetti, Flavio Dalbosco, Enrico Finazzer, Giuseppe Gottardi, Lucia Ongaro

Collegio dei Revisori dei Conti Emiliano Dorighelli, Andrea Tabarelli de Fatis, Renato Trinco

Collegio dei Probiviri Silvio Rosina, Graziano Simonini

Membri di diritto Marco Riccardo Rabuffi, Ten. Col. a. terr. Marco Panciroli (Ministero della Difesa), Francesco Valduga (Sindaco di Rovereto), Giulio Prosser (Presidente APT di Rovereto e Vallagarina)