Technical evolution through objects

The collection preserved by the Museum is vast and varies on the basis of the various specialities of the armies: from photographic instruments, such as those used on reconnaissance aircraft, to medical equipment, among which an Italian field x-ray system from the First World War stands out. The collection ranges from artillery optical material to communication tools such as telephones, telegraphs and radios, which experienced an important technological development at the beginning of the twentieth century. The collection is extensively described in the Radiofronte 1935-1945 catalogue, which details military radio broadcasts from the war fronts of Italy, edited by Filippo Cappellano and Nicola Pignato (find out how to buy the book).

This heritage extends to numerous original models and dioramas from the First World War, scale reproductions of military vehicles and large models of warships, some of which have recently been exhibited in the exhibition Miniature Armies in Torbole sul Garda.

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