Military vehicles of the 20th century

The Museum preserves sixty military vehicles used during the XX century. Trucks, motor vehicles, armored vehicles, motorcycles and even aircraft compose this suggestive collection which is completed with photoelectric, parts of the cable car and various equipment always linked to mobility and military logistics.

Among the pieces currently exposed there is an original carriage coming from Schönbrunn, residence of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, housed in the courtyard of the Castle, the Italian airplane Nieuport 10, used in the First World War to train pilots, a field kitchen and a photoelectric which was used in the Austro-Hungarian army, some of the military motorcycles donated in recent years by Vanni Bertini, Tuscan collector of Colle Val d’Elsa.

The most substantial part of the military collection owned by the Museum is conserved in the depots and it is subject to exchanges, loans or agreements with other museums or institutions for temporary exhibitions. Two armored vehicles and a motorcycle dating back to the Second World War, for example, are now exhibited at the Museum of the Armed Forces 1914-1945 in Montecchio Maggiore in Vicenza.

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