A collection of international relevance

The Museum’s artillery collection consists of almost 200 pieces and covers a historical period from the end of the 15th to the second half of the 20th century. The area of origin is mainly European, but there are also pieces from the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

In the section Artillery of the Great War 1914-1918, housed in an air-raid shelter of the Second World War at the foot of the castle in Piazza Podestà, the Museum exhibits about forty pieces of Italian, Austro-Hungarian, German, English and French artillery of the First World War including bombs, mortars, howitzers and cannons.The section can be visited from May to October during the same opening hours as the Museum (for more information see the Information page).

In the square in front of the hut there is one of the last surviving examples in the world of an Austro-Hungarian Skoda 30.5 cm mortar. Some pieces from the Museum’s collection are on display at other institutions thanks to cooperation and storage agreements. Numerous pieces from the two world wars are on display at the Museo della Forze Armate 1941-45 in Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza.

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