Military decorations and ornaments

The Museum holds about 5,000 items, mainly from the 20th century. The collection of official medals and decorations to value is very rich, with almost 1,200 pieces, mainly from the First World War and used by both the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies. In addition, there are decorations and ornaments from the colonial period and the Second World War. There are also remarkable collections of Romanian and American decorations.

There is also a large and interesting collection (about 2,300 examples) of Kappenabzeichen, the Austro-Hungarian military badges, described in the important catalogue published by the Museum, Segni distintivi. Kappenabzeichen militari e stemmi patriottici dell’Impero austro-ungarico (1914-1918). La collezione del Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra, edited by Alberto Lembo (find out how to buy the book).

The Museum also has a large collection of decorations and badges of the Royal Army in the First World War and a collection of more than 300 Italian regimental medals.

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