The library of the museum

In its headquarters in Via della Terra, the Library of the Museum preserves a heritage of 45,000 pieces including historical and technical-military volumes (artilleries, fortifications, equipment) and brochures in large part raised thanks to purchases and donations by private citizens.

The Emeroteca preserves over 1,900 newspapers and specialized periodicals, enriched by the collection of trench newspapers, Fiume and Dalmatia and colonial magazines. The periodicals cover the different disciplinary areas of competence of the Museum: contemporary history with particular regard to military history, archiving, museology, teaching, war technology (weapons and fortifications), defence sector.

The library is constantly enriched by new acquisitions and donations.

Most of the preserved volumes are catalogued and included in the Sistema Bibliotecario Trentino, whose catalogue can be consulted online.

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Archives and Library
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