History Lab’s docu-series on the Museum

On the occasion of the Centenary of its inauguration in 2021, the Museum has asked itself how the role of museums has changed and what the new forms of historical narration might be. In fact, the main commitment of the Museum is to build a rich and varied narrative, in order to guarantee visitors of all ages and backgrounds a complete and satisfying experience.

In recent years, this story has been told on a number of different levels: alongside the objects in the showcases and the information displays in the rooms, multimedia content and a new audio guide have been added, as well as the many opportunities for in-depth information on the web and social channels. The idea of a TV series, shared with the Fondazione Museo Storico del Trentino, arose from the desire to create new forms of public involvement through a tool that had not yet been tried out.

Thanks to the choices made by the director Andrea Andreotti, the focus shifted from the collections, which remain the fulcrum of the Museum’s activities, to the people who work in the Museum. In fact, the six episodes show the great work behind the exhibitions, services and activities that the Museum offers to visitors, but also to the local and digital community.