A video to understand the consequences of war

With this short animation, find out in a simple way what the First World War was and the effects it had on Trentino’s population and landscape.

The video was made with illustrations fom the booklet On the Tracks of the First World War in Trentino – which you can read below – and was produced by the Italian War History Museum, with illustrations by Federica Periotto and the voices of Mario Spallino and Patrizia Pasqui.

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On the Tracks of the War in Trentino

In this booklet we tell you about some of the most significant aspects of the war: the life of soldiers in the trenches, the transformation of the landscape, the stories of prisoners and refugees. Each page is enriched by illustrations and photographs showing objects that you can find in museums and local places.

Read it for free or buy it at the Museum for only 1 euro!
You can also request it by writing to bookshop@museodellaguerra.it.
The booklet is available in Italian, English and German.

Print and colour

Save the pictures, print them and have fun colouring them as you like. The illustrations are by Elena Modena.